I'm Pedro Paredes from DCC/FCUP

I'm a 2st year Master's student of Computer Science at DCC/FCUP, in the University of Porto, in Portugal.

I currently work on graph isomorphism on dynamic or streaming environments, mentored by Professor Pedro Ribeiro.

Recent Events in my Life

A summary of some of the latest things I've been up to:

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  • I was in Wroclaw, Poland, presenting a paper at NetSciX 2016
  • Got a silver medal (7th place) at SWERC 2015, my ACM-ICPC regional, with my team.
  • Won MIUP 2015, my ACM-ICPC subregional, with my team.
  • I was a month in Austin doing a research internship at the University of Texas at Austin (some of my work).
  • Got my undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Porto, Portugal (2015), with an average of 19/20.
  • Went to SWERC 2014, my ACM-ICPC regional, with my team.
  • Won MIUP 2014, my ACM-ICPC subregional, with my team.
  • I presented a paper at MuCoCoS 2014 (a workshop from Euro-Par) at University of Porto (my university).
  • I attended the 26th International Olympiad in Informatics in Taipei, Taiwan, as the Deputy Leader of the Portuguese Delegation.
  • I attended the summer school "Foundation and Applications of Social Network Analysis and Mining" in Athens, Greece.
  • Went to Codebits and presented a project with my team called The Codebits Gym.
  • Won the "PrĂ©mio Incentivo", a prize for students of the University of Porto with the best first year average grades (equivalent to GPA) of my faculty. Here's my interview for the university's website about it (in Portuguese).
  • Won first prize with my team at "Shift Appens", a Hackathon in the University of Coimbra. Here's my project (it's the first one).
  • Went to SWERC 2013, my ACM-ICPC regional, with my team.
  • Won MIUP 2013, my ACM-ICPC subregional, with my team.

Disclaimer: Even though I talk about "my team" multiple times, it differs from event to event. Just wanted to point out it wasn't an individual effort. The actual team members can be found in the links provided

Latest Links that I Feel Like Sharing

Here is a selection of things I've found recently or felt worthy of sharing: